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Zverev Looms Alcaraz’s Injury Update

Alexander Zverev (German pronunciation: [alɛˈksandɐˈtsfeːʁɛf];[4][5][6] born 20 April 1997) is a German professional tennis player. He has been ranked by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) as high as world No. 2, and was continuously ranked in the top 10 from July 2017 to November 2022. Zverev’s singles career highlights include a gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and titles at the 2018 and the 2021 ATP Finals. He has won 20 ATP Tour titles in singles and two in doubles, and contested a major final at the 2020 US Open.

The defending champion Carlos Alcaraz has shocked the sports world with an injury worry as tennis fans eagerly await the 2023 US Open. It’s not all bad news, though, as the youthful prodigy has answered this important query in before of his much awaited matchup with Alexander Zverev.

Alcaraz was seen with his left leg tapped during his round of 16 match against unseeded Italian Matteo, which he won 6-3, 6-3, 6-4 in straight sets. It spurred discussion about a potential injury scare on television and on social media. While Alcaraz completed a comfortable victory to go to the quarterfinals for the second time in a row in New York without showing any signs of discomfort, experts were concerned.

Zverev Looms The Awaited Face-Off

Alcaraz’s injury worries are now unfounded, as the stage is set for a nail-biting match at the 2023 US Open. The tournament’s highlight will undoubtedly be his showdown versus Alexander Zverev as these two tennis greats square off in a contest of strength and dexterity.

The anticipation for this historic match is growing among tennis fans as they count down the days. Will Zverev prove to be an overwhelming challenge for Alcaraz, or will he successfully defend his US Open title? Tennis fans all across the world will enjoy watching these two amazing athletes in action.

Zverev Looms Alcaraz’s Rise to Stardom

Carlos Alcaraz, the 19-year-old tennis sensation from Spain, has taken the tennis world by storm in recent years. Known for his explosive playing style and fearless attitude on the court, Alcaraz claimed his first Grand Slam title at the US Open in 2022, defeating Novak Djokovic in a thrilling final. This victory catapulted him into the upper echelons of men’s tennis and made him a fan favorite worldwide.

The 20-year-old was asked about the injury worry in his leg during the post-match press conference, but the Spaniard quickly put those rumours to rest by explaining that it was merely a precautionary measure to lessen the body’s agony.

It’s quite difficult to compete in a Grand Slam. You have two weeks of challenging matchups. Your body experiencing some pain is normal, in my opinion, and you should take care of it. It’s merely for preventive; it’s nothing major. On my left leg, I did experience a small bit of soreness, but nothing severe. Simply being cautious,” he remarked.

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When Alcaraz faces Zverev in the quarter final on late Wednesday night on Arthur Ashe, he will have his work cut out for him. With two victories on hard courts and the other in a Grand Slam match at the 2022 French Open, which he had won in four sets, the German leads the Spaniard 3-2. Alcaraz only had two victories, both on clay in the Madrid Open.

AS OF 2023.08.28 FOR US Open Showdown

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Career High 2022.06.13
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In the past 14 years, no man has been able to successfully defend his US Open title. The most recent player to accomplish the milestone was Roger Federer, who finished a string of five Grand Slam victories in New York in 2008. Carlos Alcaraz is three victories away from accomplishing a remarkable achievement at the US Open. He reaffirmed his aim to join Federer on the exclusive list in Flushing Meadows. And first up is Alexander Zverev, a previous finalist on Arthur Ashe Stadium, who defeated the Spaniard in their lone Grand Slam encounter at Roland Garros last year. Prior to the match, there have been discussions regarding a serious injury issue for the reigning champion, even though Alcaraz will be seeking retribution.

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