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World Mental Health Day: Mentoring Walk by Developing Minds & Business Women

New Delhi The Association of Business Women in Commerce & Industry and Women Inspiring Network have announced an intriguing collaboration for a special mentorship walk that will take place on World Mental Health Day.

On October 10, 2023, at 8:30 AM, this event is planned to take place in the serene District Park of Vasant Vihar.

World Mental Health Day
World Mental Health Day

The Mentoring Walk advances the mutual objectives of WIN and ABWCI, two organisations that promote women’s empowerment and mental health. It offers a distinctive space for women from diverse backgrounds to socialise, have insightful conversations about mental health, and get insightful guidance from illustrious mentors.”At Women Inspiring Network, we understand the critical part that mentoring plays in one’s professional and personal development. As the founder and managing director of Women Inspiring Network, Stuti Jalan, noted, “This event not only promotes discussions on mental health but also allows priceless relationships between mentors and mentees, inspiring women to excel in all aspects of their lives.

It is crucial to remember that one in six people will experience a mental health illness at some point in their lifetime, and that these conditions are frequently hard to recognise. Since the entrepreneurial path is frequently characterised by high stress levels, unpredictability, and intensive workload, we at the Association of Business Women in Commerce & Industry (ABWCI) recognise and support work-life alignment, said Dr. Ambika Sharma, Chief Executive Officer at ABWCI.

The Mentoring Walk is open to women of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds who are eager to set out on a path of personal growth while simultaneously placing a high priority on their mental health. Participants will get the chance to interact with like-minded people, learn from seasoned mentors, and take significant actions to support their mental health.

On October 10, 2023, at 8:30 AM, join us at District Park in Vasant Vihar to take part in this inspirational Mentoring Walk.

Visit womeninspiringnetwork.com for more information and registration instructions.

About Women Inspiring Network (WIN):

An inspirational storytelling network called Women Inspiring Network was created after the lockdown to bring together future female leaders from various professions. WIN now connects a dynamic network of female leaders who create a snowball effect of sharing and inspiring with a community of 7000 exceptional women. We are a groundbreaking internet network that highlights the inspirational tales of successful women. We also give them access to a content platform so they may continue to educate and motivate young professionals by sharing their experiences with one another. We at WIN identify and highlight stories that are pertinent to current gender equations as a women-founded and women-only team. We are part of a broad Pay It Forward movement.

ABWCI stands for Association of Business Women in Commerce & Industry.

An enabling environment for women in business is what the Association of Business Women in Commerce & Industry (ABWCI), a global chamber, aims to establish for a sustainable and fair future. With presidents and ambassadors in more than 30 countries, the ABWCI reaches more than 1,25,000 female entrepreneurs worldwide. By connecting members with investors, incubators, accelerators, traditional donors, thought leaders, academia, professional development tools, and appropriate opportunities, ABWCI supports and celebrates the business savvy and ambition of women. The ABWCI is dedicated to building a strong community of female entrepreneurs, giving them access to trade networks, investment money, and entrepreneurial education, and lobbying for laws that will lead to female-centric entrepreneurial ecosystems across the globe.

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