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US Open Ejects Fan for Zverev’s Hitler

Alexander Zverev of Germany and Italian Jannik Sinner were playing each other on Monday night at the US Open event in New York City when a spectator was expelled for reportedly making comments to Adolph Hitler.

In the fourth set against Sinner, Zverev was serving when he approached chair umpire James Keothavong and gestured towards the fan seated behind the official.

US Open Ejects Zverev informed Keothavong,

“He just used the most famous Hitler quote there is in this world.” “That’s not right,”

Keothavong turned to face the group and enquired about the spectator. Then Keothavong urged spectators to show both players respect. The fan was recognised during the switchover by spectators sat close to him, and security then removed him.

According to USTA spokesman Chris Widmaier, Alexander Zverev was the target of a derogatory comment. “The fan was identified, and escorted from the stadium.”

Zverev claimed that while in the past he had individuals hurl insults at him, they never mentioned Hitler.

“He started chanting the Hitler anthem from back then. It was ‘Deutschland über alles’ and it was a little too much, according to the player who was seeded 12th.

But I believe he was getting embroiled in the fight for a while. I don’t mind it; in fact, I adore it when fans are animated and boisterous. He was seated in one of the front rows, so I imagine many people heard it. However, I don’t think that was a fantastic thing to do because I’m German and not very proud of that history. Therefore, if I simply don’t respond, I believe that is negative on my part.

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