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Top 10 Xbox app


  1. Xbox Game Pass: This app lets you access and manage your Xbox Game Pass subscription, browse the game catalog, and install games directly to your console or PC.
  2. Xbox SmartGlass: This app has been replaced by the Xbox app, but it allowed users to control their Xbox console, access media content, and use their mobile device as a second screen for some games.
  3. Xbox (Beta): This app is for PC gamers and provides access to Xbox Game Pass for PC, game streaming, and social features.
  4. Xbox Console Companion: This app offers remote control of your Xbox console, party chat, and access to your gaming library and captures on your PC.
  5. Xbox Family Settings: Designed for parents, this app allows you to set up parental controls, screen time limits, and content restrictions for your child’s Xbox account.
  6. Xbox Events: Stay updated with Xbox events, including major announcements, game showcases, and more.
  7. Xbox Accessories: If you own Xbox hardware accessories, this app helps you configure and customize them for your gaming experience.
  8. Xbox Live: The official Xbox Live app lets you stay connected with your friends, track achievements, and chat with other gamers.
  9. Xbox Game Bar: While not an app in the traditional sense, the Xbox Game Bar is a built-in feature on Windows 10 that provides in-game overlays, performance monitoring, and social features for PC gaming.
  10. Twitch: Although not developed by Microsoft, the Twitch app is a popular choice for streaming and watching live gameplay, and it’s available on Xbox.
Xbox app
Xbox app

To download these apps, simply visit the Microsoft Store on your Xbox console or Windows PC and search for them by name. Please note that app availability may vary depending on your region and device. Always ensure you download apps from reputable sources.

Xbox app Direct Free Download Links for Series X|S

DownloadSpotify Xbox (Free)

DownloadTrueAchievements (Free)

DownloadTMX (Free)

DownloadNetflix (Free)

DownloadYouTube (Free)

DownloadTwitch (Free)

DownloadHome Remote ($2.99)

DownloadBlu-ray Player (Free)

DownloadXbox Insider Hub (Free)

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